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Web Dashboard Version 2.1.0

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    Robert Claypool

Today we released Web Dashboard 2.1.0 with better reports and faster load times.

1. Better Reports 📃

Activities in Fielda are highly configurable. That means your 'Inspections' type can have very different inputs from 'Service Orders' or other types. It also means that reports will change based on the type of activities they include.

Last week's release of the Web Dashboard improved queries to span multiple types of activities. Today's release takes that a step further...

Updated Reports Interface

As you can see, we moved the picker for activity types to the top. Then we made all other search inputs smarter about which fields to show. If you choose 'Inspections', maybe a dozen fields are searchable, but if you choose 'Inspections' and 'Service Orders', the number of searchable fields is likely to grow. Adding 'Service Orders' to your existing search of 'Inspections' would give the query builder all relevant fields from both types of activities, and when they share a custom field like 'Business Unit', you can search across both types using that custom field.

Additionally, fields that are common to all types of activities (status, assignment, etc.) are available no matter what you choose.

Previous releases of the reports page were admittedly incomplete; we believe this release fills that gap. Please create a few reports and let us know how it goes!

2. Faster Load Times 🚀

Fielda's Web Dashboard is built for the modern web, but we don't assume everyone has a super-high bandwidth connection. Today's release cuts several seconds off the initial loading time by being smarter about which data we need to fetch.

Google Lighthouse Performance Score

This speed-up moves Fielda "into the green" for standard benchmarks like Google Lighthouse. The changes will be most noticeable on low bandwidth connections, but they are still significant even on a fast gigabit network.

One of the core design goals for Fielda is to be blazing fast. We aren't finished with this effort, but version 2.1.0 has the right fundamentals in place to reach top speeds.