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iOS App Version 2.1.0

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    Robert Claypool

Fielda for iOS 2.1.0 is faster, more searchable, more fault-tolerant, and ready for features we have planned later this year. Here's our summary of what's new:

1. Faster Maps

For this release, we traced the major pathways in Fielda and optimized events like pan and zoom that occur most frequently. What a huge difference that has made! Map navigation, clustering, and labeling are more than 5x faster! This is especially noticeable on the 2014 iPad Air 2 (oldest iPad still supported by Apple), but even newer models like the 2020 iPad Pro respond faster too.

Multi-Select Filters
Performance testing on 2014 iPad Air 2, 2019 iPhone XS Max, and 2020 iPad Pro

No matter which device you are using, today's release of Fielda is snappier and more efficient. Is it perfect? Not quite. Projects with more than 20,000 activities can still slow you down on an older device. As an example, activity selections and lists tend to be sluggish. If you are experiencing any slowness, please tell us at We want to know which models of iPhone and iPad you are running.

With Fielda Freedom's new architecture, there's still more we can do to make it one of the fastest apps you've ever used. This work is already underway. Look out for another update by mid-November.

2. More Searchable

The last release expanded Assigned To and Created By filters to support multiple selections. This made it easy to see contributions by any number of people in your organization.

Multi-Select Filters

With today's release, you can narrow down activities based on the day they were created, assigned, or closed. Additionally, a count of results is shown before you close your Filter By screen, so now it's possible to quickly see how many activities were created this week, or last week, or any other date range. Combined with other filters, this is a powerful way to find and compare activities based on very specific criteria.

Date Range Filters

3. More Fault-Tolerant

The initial launch of Fielda Freedom was one month ago, and since then, we have monitored how teams are using the app in the real-world. Spotty or low bandwidth Internet is common, and in those environments, activities were taking too long to sync. Version 2.1.0 is smarter about when to sync and how to package the data. We hope you haven't noticed any delays with data sync in previous versions, but if you have, this update makes it better.

4. Resolutions

The status or stage can tell you when an activity is closed; the resolution tells you why. Not all activities are configured to have a Resolution input, but for those that are, Resolution is now on screens where activity details are shown.

5. Ready for the Future

Finally, this update is going to re-download activities to make the next several updates easier. While the re-download takes additional time and bandwidth, it's going to pay off for version 2.2.0 and beyond.

Activity Downloads Progress Bar

Thanks to our customers for great feedback that went into this release. Thanks also to my awesome teammates for their hard work! -- Robert