App updates from Fielda.

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    iOS App Version 2.3.0

    Version 2.3.0 is more stable with better basemaps and map controls. Details below:

    • Newer and higher quality satellite basemaps.
    • Improved activities legend: expand, collapse, show, or hide all layers with one tap.
    • Better visualization of linear activities.
    • Notify users when their device goes offline.
    • Fixed a basemap switching error on iPad Air 2 devices.
    • Better handling of projects that need color configurations.
    • Better crash reporting.
    New Satellite Imagery
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    iOS App Version 2.2.0

    Version 2.2.0 has better performance and several new features. Details below:

    • Better memory management, especially for map interactions
    • Faster activity filters (noticeable on large projects)
    • More stable map downloads and base map switching
    • Easier to pull up asset info by tapping on the asset (uses a wider search tolerance)
    • Support activity markers colored by type, by stage, or any custom classification
    • Support for multi-color lines
    • Easily toggle activity layers on and off
    • Photo previews visible on all activity panels
    • Get turn-by-turn directions to any asset (previously available only for activities)
    • Map rotations are re-enabled (uses settings that avoid accidental rotation gestures)
    • No auto-zoom when filters change (now you can control when to zoom to results)
    • Automatic save & restore most map and filter settings, per user and per project
    Activity Classification Colors
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    Web Dashboard Version 2.1.2

    This is a minor bug-fix release:

    • Show the correct Closed On and Assigned On dates in reports.
    • Show a Resolution input on new and edited activities that are configured to have one.
    • Fix our usage of @turf/center-of-mass for polyline selections — important for activities with a linear shape like Access Roads.
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    Web Dashboard Version 2.1.1

    This is a minor bug-fix release for project maps:

    • Properly size the map's left-side panel on Safari browsers.
    • Allow activities to be toggled on/off as a single layer.
    • Show markers correctly on screens with fractional pixels, e.g. 1.43 x 1.43 works fine now.
    • Fix the order of layers in our map legend; layers nearest to the basemap will be listed at the bottom of the legend.
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    iOS App Version 2.1.0

    Fielda for iOS version 2.1.0 is faster, more searchable, more fault-tolerant, and ready for features we have planned later this year.

    What's new:

    • Significantly faster map navigation
    • Multi-selection filters
    • Resolutions added to activities that need them
    • New date range filters Created On, Assigned On, and Closed On
    Date Range Filters
  • Published on

    iOS App Version 2.0.19

    What's new:

    • Immediately show newly created activities on the map screen.
    • Fix a bug where Fielda would prompt for location permissions when permission was already granted.
    • Much faster data sync to our servers.
    • Allow multiple 'Assigned To' and/or 'Created By' users to be included in your filter.
    Multi-Select Filters
  • Published on

    iOS App Version 2.0.18

    What's new:

    • Polygon layer labels are now visible on all maps.
    • Clarify text on password screens, settings, and alerts.
    • Directions button is now available on all activity viewer screens.
  • Published on

    iOS App Version 2.0.17

    What's new:

    • Search and find activities by entering info about their linked assets.
    • Disable map rotation. This will come back with additional options in a future release.
    • Remember your selected basemap across sessions (even if you close the app).
    • Clarify the alert we show if no Internet is available for map downloads.
  • Published on

    iOS App Version 2.0.16

    What's new:

    • Auto-select the default status where possible (during activity creation).
    • Display more asset info in map preview and location edit screens.
    • Remember and always show your selected basemap for as long as the app is open.
    • Improve activity counts on the project dashboard.
  • Published on

    iOS App Version 2.0.14

    What's new:

    • Display more assets info throughout the app.
    • Stability improvements when using the map and when saving changes.
  • Published on

    Introducing Fielda Freedom

    Our team is jam packed with hard working, talented people, so it's an honor for me to introduce the rocket ship we've been building all year! 🚀

    Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

    Last month we launched Fielda Freedom - a redesigned, next-generation platform for field workers to manage and document inspections, service orders, and more. It gives split-second access to your mapped assets - with or without a steady Internet connection - and it's built with hundreds settings for the modern interconnected workplace. For you, that means: It's easy to get started and easy to integrate with tools you already have in place.